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Trackmania² is a very fast-paced, crazy online-racing-game and Shootmania:Storm a so-called “Online First Person Shooter” but without violence. Both of the games are without « ingame-buy » or « level-up » but give the gamer an unbelievable amount of possibilities to play and be creative. In it’s very clean conception they are made for e-sports, founded and based on the community. And places special emphasis on equal opportunities for pro’s and beginner, fun and skill.


consists of 3 so-called Environments: Canyon, Valley und Stadium. In each is a different precinct and a different driving physic. Stadium is the implement of his well known predecessor Trackmania (Original, Sunrise, Nations, United). All of the Maniaplanet-Games include awesome Video -Replay and Map-Editor. You can get uncountable high Quality maps, mods and Skins for free. 2016 a new Environment, called « Turbo » was released. For now it will be playable only on gaming-consoles.


consist of only 1 Environment, but got lot’s of different mode’s. The official ones are: Royal, Elite, Siege, Heroes, Joust, Battle. As in Trackmania² there are also some creative mode’s made by gamers. Although the games are competetiv, the focus is on giving same chances and features to all gamers. Same speed, same weapons, same armor. The presentations are without violence at all. Once you’ve been hit, you disappear in a shower of sparks.  No screaming – no blood – just the challenge. 

The Maniaplanet-Community is a Meeting-Point to lots of friendly and chilled People in every age (believe: I am not the oldest one :-D) all around the globe. Hater, flamer, trolls, rassists, ego’s und aggro’s are seldom, although in Shootmania:Storm. That’s unusual in an Ego-Shooter and I like it really very well. On the other side you can find lots of creative People, doing Skins, Title-packs, and so much more. And often they are succesfull in real life as entrepeneur, manager, scientist, programmer, artist. but of course, the broad mass are students.

Shootmania is rated for ages 12 and above (it’s the only fps playable under 16, I guess^^) Trackmania is rated for Ages 3 and above.

You can find the official Maniaplanet-website from NADEO (UBISOFT) here:

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