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Schenker (Geld/Planets)

spend money!

To spend some money you can use paypal (right edge beyond guestbook) oder banktransfer (mail me please).

spend planets!

Send some planets via ingame-mail to login: wawawawu

If you haven’t done this till now, follow this:

  1. Start ManiaPlanet
  2. Click onto the “Buddy”-Symbol, right in the middle of screen, upper edge.
  3. The Buddy-List will open and
  4. a click on the mail-Symbol opens a new, empty mail.
  5. Insert “wawawawu” in the “to:”-field,
  6. Regard = type “Giving Gamers” and
  7.  insert the amount of planets in the line below the regard.

Thank you very much for your donation and your confidence. I would be glad if you can add some words about yourself…

Please don’t blame me for not answering donation-mails. Each one costs 5 planets and i get a lot…


All gamers of  maniaplanet-games who spent some planets are allowed to add a so-called “donator-tag” in front of their ingame-nickname.

Noone got the demanding legal right to wear this tag. It is not bought with planets – it only shows the players support to this childrens charity Project.

The donator-tag (with or without a link) has same shape and colour for each who wears it.  It is made of a big, bold red “G”, the cubic-number “³” in red and an exclamation mark in white. Colour-codes are $f00 (red), $fff (white) $o (bold), edged by square brackets  =    [G³!] (exclamation mark in red here because of the background-colour here   :-D)

Copy and paste this:

Without link:             $f00[G³$fff!$f00]$z

With link:                   $l[http://www.giving-gamers.com]$f00[G³$fff!$f00]$l

If you like to use the donator-tag ingame please read the

Code of honour

While wearing the donator-tag of GivinG GamerS! you are asked to behave yourself like following:

  1. Please do never use, say, post or link rassistic, sexistic, insulting or explicit comments at Events, Cups, Tournaments, in the game (chatline), Teamspeak, Skype etc.
  2. Players on our Servers will be kicked and banned for behaviour like that. (Although it is very seldom!)
  3. Please do never laugh about other gamers. We help less skilled gamers or beginners and give useful hints! But we never impose ourselfs!
  4. We do not cheat, troll, hate and flame.
  5. Who contravenes to this points above looses the right to wear the donator-tag. Even if he spent half a Million planets or 1.000 Bucks….