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You would like to spend some money?

Excellent idea!

With your help, we turn donated virtual ingame-currancy into real money.

Your support will be made well-known by public events, ingame-publishing-channels and social media. 

Be assured that your social commitment will be highly recognized and trigger interest not only by online-gamers on ManiaPlanet.

 That leads you to a win/win- Situation!

Your Customers are inbetween 14 and 45 years old, financial strong, mostly male, loving technics and internet? Maniaplanet-Games are strictly made for community und creativity. The community isn’t as big as in other online-games, but highly active. You can find many “high potentials” from film industry, IT, design, programming and management in here, attracted by the possibilities of this games.

These games are made for e-sports. It garantuees Das garantiert hohe Aufmerksamkeit auf den großen Events wie z.B. Gamers Assembly oder bei Online-Tournaments wie z.B. der European E-Sport League (ESL).


Please note:

Any organisation or private person who is or will be a competitor to NADEO or UBISOFT can’t be a sponsor or will loose sponsorship without donations repayment.  Same applies if  their sponsorship will lead to discussion in public or game-community (e.g. weapons dealers or manufacturers, radical political parties, criminals).

Important!   Money spending Gamers never will get planets. This would make the whole ingame-currancy-system quite absurd. Planets aren’t and will be not for sale!