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Why ?

hucky / Pixabay

Whenever disasters happen, children are always the most affected – regardless of whether the disaster is natural or manmade. Children are always at the mercy of fate and get often instrumentalized by various parties.

Whenever the earth on our little globe quakes, a vulcano bursts, avalanches, taifuns or tzunamis occur and waste big areas, if rain fails to appear for months or comes down like a flood and everything is submerged and washed away, if epidemics depopulates whole cities…

When anywhere in the world fights for borders, might, money, drugs, weapons, oil or the “right” religion are starting again…

One thing is for sure: Children are always most affected!

They cannot fight and get tortured, raped, used as a cannon fodder or as a mine detector. They lose their families, their homeland and starve, die of thirst and have to face things which would even drive adults insane.

Ending up as a refugee isn’t often that much better! Barracked in overcrowded camps. To live without school and with dull future-prospects in constant fear to get deported or meet some insane xenophobes…

And also in our rich, so called “civilized” countries, children often perish and lose their will to live.

If they don’t fit the schematic of society; don’t fit as a willing worker or have some uncomfortable ideas. Branded as “dumb” or “unadaptable” and sedated with ritalin as an ADS-Kid. Beaten and humbled… forgotten, unbeloved children in some families, orphanages and children’s hospice…

GivinG GamerS!  is not politically motivated, that is left for those who put a tread on that…  I try to help as good as I can on an unconventional way.

So please help me to help them!